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Subject: RE: [ubl] More code list questions about NDR, and about genericod e

I apologize for not responding sooner.

The NDR Code List section has not been updated because we realized that it was a moving target. Our intent was to let the members with code list 'smarts' determine the best method for creating and managing code lists. We would then create rules, based on their recommendations, to ensure consistency.


-----Original Message-----
From: G. Ken Holman [mailto:gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com] 
Sent: Thursday, 13 October 2005 0910
To: Universal Business Language
Subject: Re: [ubl] More code list questions about NDR, and about genericode

At 2005-10-11 17:27 -0400, G. Ken Holman wrote:
>Work is progressing well, but I've hit a snag not realizing naming and 
>design rules about the naming of metadata properties for code list 
>My quandary is figuring out the automation of which code list 
>attributes are to be tested for which information items based on codes.
>(1) why does @amountCurrencyID have only 
>@amountCurrencyCodeListVersionID and not others such as 
>(2) why doesn't @quantityUnitCode have @quantityUnitCodeListAgencyName 
>and not others such as @quantityUnitCodeListVersionID?
>(3) why don't the meta data attributes of CountrySubentityCode have any 
>prefix at all and just have "@codeListName"?
>(4) why do I use only "amountCurrency" when prefixing 
>"CodeListVersionID", as contrasted with using "quanityUnit" when 
>prefixing "CodeListAgencyID" ... is the rule I remove the last "ID"
>or "Code" from the information item name before adding the suffix?
>I've looked in NDR Section 6 of cd-UBL-NDR-1.0Rev1b.pdf under "Code 
>Lists" without any clues to the answers to the above questions.
>I note five identification items in genericode, so I assume I map them 
>as follows:
>   genericode ShortName  ==  UBL xxxxxCodeListID
>   genericode LongName == UBL xxxxxCodeListName
>   genericode Version == UBL xxxxxCodeListVersionID
>   genericode CanonicalUri == UBL xxxxxCodeListURI
>   genericode CanonicalVersionUri == UBL xxxxxCodeListSchemeURI ...
>My problem is now down to the naming of the meta data attributes.
>Would the following be acceptable?
>(1) for @xxxxxID remove "ID" and suffix with "Code..." from genericode 
>table above as appropriate
>(2) for @xxxxxCode remove "Code" and suffix with "Code..." from 
>genericode table above as appropriate
>(3) for <xxxxx> suffix with "code..." from genericode table above as 

Not hearing any response, I'll proceed with the above, but document the minor limitations that would only affect an XPath expert that goes beyond the objectives we have here of making a system easy to understand between trading partners.

If anyone does have an opinion on the above, please share your thoughts ASAP as I would not like to do this twice as a result of not having all the input.


. . . . . . . . . . Ken

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