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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 3|4 October 2005

00H30 - 02H30 UTC TUESDAY 4 OCTOBER 2005


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   G. Ken Holman
   Andy Schoka (new member, individual)
   Stephen Green
   Kumar Sivaraman


   Additions to the calendar:

   Liaison report: ebBP

      SG: The TC has agreed to create business process definitions
      for several of the UBL documents (Invoice, Order, Order
      Response).  Monica Martin has posted to the TSC asking if
      they have any others to be added.

   Liaison report: X12

      KS: Attended the X12 meeting (as vice chair of COTG).  The
      incumbent chair, Ralph Berwanger, has been replaced by Dan
      Kazzaz, the founder of PaperFree.

   Subcommittee report: HISC

      GKH: On hold while working on code lists.

      AS: For more UNLK-like standard paper document formats, see
      http://www.unedocsuk.co.uk/ . Sue Bravery is the contact.

   Subcommittee report: SBSC

      SG: Still waiting for schemas.

   Subcommittee report: PSC

      SG: Have been working with PB on the spreadsheets; they
      still need work before they will load properly.  I cannot
      attend PSC meetings, but I can help with editorial (not
      content) work if contacted offline.

      JB: Mark Leitch is now finally on the SC.

   Team report: Catalogue

      SG: Interesting correspondence happening on this subject.

   Review of Atlantic and Europe/Asia calls

      No comments.

   Schedule review:

      Jb: Getting estimates on content delivery.


   ACTION: TM to document the spreadsheet structure and format by
   the first week of October.  This means a prose description of
   each column in the spreadsheets that we are now using.


   ACTION: GKH to write up the proposed methodology discussed in
   the Pacific TC call 9/21, including the distinction between
   subclasses 2a and 2b, and prototype the next version, keying on
   each datatype/information item pair.  (He will be in a plane
   during the meeting time this week but will provide all in

      GKH: A bit stalled with XSLT nigglies... still going to
      work, just down in the details... need instances with more
      code lists, not just a minimum test of single ones.

      SG: Potential test: taxtypecode (type 2b), has a set of
      business rules; if there is a taxtypecode on invoice line
      and it's (say) VAT, then there must also be one in the
      invoicetaxtotal with the same enumeration, and that might be
      qualified by saying that if the category id is such and
      such, we might not need one there...

      ACTION: SG to send the taxtypecode example to GKH.

      GKH: I have successfully made genericode versions of all the
      1.0 code lists.

      GKH will continue working on his prototype and will also do
      the complex example when he can get to it.  Note that next
      Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada.


   JB: Note UBL/CEFACT discussion next week.

Jon Bosak

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