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Subject: Changing Email addresses

To All,
This is my last day at LMI.  I will begin work for SAP on Monday as a
standards architect.  I should have a SAP email address on Tuesday.  If
you need to get in touch with me between now and then, please use my
home email address:  MarkC01@comcast.net
P.S. - If you would like to know why I am moving to SAP, please look at
the SAP presentation given to the recent UN/CEFACT Plenary available
.  In it, Claus von Riegen talks about SAP's Enterprise Services
Standards approach, their new ES Ecosystem, and their adoption of
UN/CEFACT CCTS and NDR  I am really excited at the opportunity to be
part of this effort to make all of our hard work a reality. 

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