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Subject: Schema Quality Assurance (SQA) For UBL


In order to foster a standard test environment for UBL, I have constructed the attached zip file that includes the description (not very detailed or elegant) that provides for a test environment with regression capability.

Interested parties can contact me about where to get all the software (all freely available) to populate the tree. I have included an old version of Microsoft nmake utility which the project is based on. Note that all results are found in the log subdirectory.

I think it would be quite valuable for us all if some one or more of us picked up on this and elaborated details for us all to use. This would allow us to test what we are creating in a way that anyone can duplicate.

My experience is that there is not much more to do to this to have it test the whole ubl library. I used it in my research on code lists. Please give it your consideration.



Marty Burns
Hypertek, Inc.
14624 Country Creek Lane
North Potomac, MD 20878
P +1(301)315-9101
F +1(301)217-9503
C +1(301)257-9101
E burnsmarty@aol.com


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