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Subject: SV: [ubl] Use of LineStatusCode


I agree with you that we should not remove things that have been added to
UBL for a good reason. But I have a problem with poorly defined and
non-mandatory codes with no code lists associated. The UBL definition and
documentation should capture what is meant by

LineStatusCode: "Identifies the status of the line with regard to its
original state."

How are we to use this element? There is no example of its use. There will
be as many interpretations of this elements as there are implementations /
localizations. What added value does this give a UBL Invoice? I would argue
that this element could have been added by localization.

We will have to spend a lot of time discussing this code between Sweden and
the UK in order to come up with a localized version that can be used as a
cross border format. We are putting an unnecessary burden on the
localization groups. 

LineStatusCode should have been a mandatory element with a well-defined code
list and precise documentation.

I do not believe that we are talking about a lot of elements in UBL where we
should go back and check the reason for them being in UBL. Hopefully we will
not remove anything but be able to provide better documentation for their
use and perhaps provide a recommended code list.

- Cheers Mikkel

> >>>: Stephen Green 
> What if I can remember there was lots of discussion to add 
> Line Status Code
> but can't remember all of it and don't have time to go back 
> to all the emails,
> etc concerning it?
> What if we did this to every BIE we didn't personally understand?
> >>> Mikkel Hippe Brun <mhb@itst.dk> 26/10/05 14:58:29 >>>
> ...
> In my opinion LineStatusCode should be removed if someone 
> cannot come up
> with a good explanation and business case for its use.
> - Regards Mikkel

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