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Subject: SBSC's UBL 2.0 schedule


Here is an agreed schedule for SBSC for the coming year up to
UBL's committee specification

1. I would think that we need to first have schemas.
    - the reference start point to the schedule (though
     a start on content has already been made with the
     model spreadhseets)
2. Finalise the content 
    - up to 4 weeks
3. Agree to the content
    - up to 3 weeks
4. Produce the input documents for step 5
   - up to 3 weeks
5. Generate documentation/xpaths
   - a week (subject to other constraints - need for some slack at this point, avoiding Jan/Feb 2006)
6. Package produced and checked
   - up to 3 weeks
7. SBSC agree (or otherwise) the package
   - a week or two (depending on availability)
8. SBSC submit the package to the TC prior to public review
  - a week or two (depending on availability)
9. TC vote
  - a week or two (depending on availability)
10. The public review begins
  - could take a few weeks to get started
11. The public review lasts 60 days
12. Changes before second review if necessary
  - two to four weeks
13. Then 7. to 10. again
14. Second public review lasts 15 days
15. Further changes and maybe a committee spec package prepared
    - up to 3 weeks

Total about 40 weeks plus or minus 10 weeks


We have just about the same scheduling timespan
from schema generation to committee spec package as the normative 2.0
package, so it should work out well.

It does mean a year of almost constant activity though but hopefully 
there is ample flexibility too since many of these stages could be 
hurried a bit and take less time perhaps.

This would work with HISC too but it would help HISC if anything can be 
produced earlier.

All the best

Stephen Green

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