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Subject: Revised normative schedule

Hello UBL TC,

Here's a revised version of the schedule for the UBL 2.0 normative
pieces.  It assumes that all of the content models are in next
week and that I can do some multitasking during the XML 2005

I've put back the April meeting in Brussels.  Some of the detailed
planning is a little hazy around that date, but I figure it's not
worth the trouble to be too fussy this far out.

As usual, the .zzz file has to be renamed before most apps can
unpack it.  You'll notice that it contains a new file type, odp;
this is the new OASIS Standard Open Document format for
spreadsheets.  It can be read with OpenOffice 2.0, available for
FREE (such a deal!) from the openoffice.org site.



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