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Subject: UBL 2.0 uDT and NDR issue

I had an action item to create a UBL uDT spreadsheet that describes
everything in the ATG2 uDT schema, ignoring what UBL currently has for uDT
and qDT, and then to create the UBL qDT using the same structure. A draft
spreadsheet was recently submitted to the TC for review and member comments
have been noted by GEFEG.
In completing this action item, we noticed the following text taken from
Page 16 of the latest UBL NDR draft document dated 2005-08-11:
389 ... The ccts:UnqualifiedDatatypes correspond to 390
ccts:RepresentationTerms and have no restrictions to the values of the
391 corresponding ccts:ContentComponent or ccts:SupplementaryComponent.

Based on these statements, the ATG2 uDT XSD cannot be used for UBL 2.0 uDT
XSD. The reason is that ATG2 NDR restricts certain XSD data types and does
NOT include all supplementary components. UBL does not have these
restrictions as shown above. This also impacts the UBL 2.0 qDT.

Please advise how GEFEG should proceed with WRT these differences.


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