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Subject: Modified Schematron stylesheets

Hello all,

I realized that while I've sent the modified Schematron stylesheet to 
Rick in September, I haven't made the modifications available for 
others to download should they want to use my modifications in the 
short term until "official" modifications are made available.

In the attached ZIP file is a copy of Schematron 1.5 with 
modifications for allowing the context of assertions to be 
attributes, not just elements.

The test.bat file assumes there is an xslt.bat file available invoked as:

  call  xslt  inputfilename.xml  stylesheetfilename.xsl  outputfilename

so you can plug in your own, for example, for saxon:

  saxon -o %3 %1 %2

The batch file converts an assertion on an attribute using 
schematron1-5.xsl and demonstrates that the failed assertion is not 
being reported.

The batch file then converts the same assertion using 
schematron1-5-attr.xsl and demonstrates that the failed assertion is triggered.

I hope this is considered helpful.

I will post to the list when I get a response from Rick.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Ken


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