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Subject: Re: [ubl] Revised draft prototype code list schema

Please provide more information. Did you find an error in the CurrencyCodeContentType? Or was there a problem in the derivation used in UBL? Please provide the error. I think that there was probably some trivial problem I would be happy to investigate.
The only non-obvious method I applied was the inline derivation of the union of normalizedString and the enumerations values. If certain parsers have problems with that, it only adds a single definition to address it. If the problem is in the schema usage, there might be a problem with that.
Email me the set of schemas you received the error from and of course the error reference and I will look at it.
I will point out that emphasizes the need for an agreed upon set of test schemas and a regression test. With everyone working with different tools and different schemas there are too many degrees of freedom to make a verifiable statement about almost anything.
In a message dated 11/20/2005 7:42:34 AM Eastern Standard Time, abcoates@londonmarketsystems.com writes:
Oops, now that I've tested it, it doesn't work (at least, not when a UBL 
document is validated using oXygen, which uses Xerces-J).  The simple type 
for code lists isn't properly derived from "xsd:normalizedString", so it 
doesn't work when you use it to validate UBL documents.  I have attached a 
modified version that works.  However, this is now pretty much back to the 
previous version.

When you change the code list Schemas, it looks like you need to check 
that "UBL-SpecializedDatatypes-1.0.xsd" is still valid.

Cheers, Tony.

On Fri, 11 Nov 2005 08:25:41 -0500, <Burnsmarty@aol.com> wrote:

> Ken, Tony, et al,
> Attached is a slightly revised code list schema document structure. This
> schema can be extended by subtitution groups or your method of Schematron
> validation, contains the codes and supplementary components and, in  
> addition, is
> consistent with the recently published OAGIS 9 schemas. This  is not a 
> perfect
> design, but, may be a perfect compromise of approach.
> The two defined types CurrencyCodeType and CurrencyCodeContentType can be
> used in schemas the way they have been traditionally in UBL -- by 
> declaring
> elements or attributes derived from the types. Global attributes are 
> provided
> with the version metadata for supplementary components.
> Restrictions and extensions can be made outside of the UBL schemas. The
> approach allows substitution groups and redefine without using them 
> directly in
> the schemas.
> If you (Ken and Tony) can generate all your schematron from these 
> standard
> schemas, then the generating scripts can be an informative annex to UBL 
> to be
> used by designers. I think this is a good approach.
> The UBL-CodeList-1.0.xsd is a template for the code list schemas 
> themselves
> but does not need to be referenced in the actual code lists themselves. 
> Right
> now, each code list schema would be primitive only importing the
> UBL-CoreComponentParameters-1.0.xsd to define the metadata that is part 
> of the
> annotations.
> What are your thoughts?
> Marty

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