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Subject: Re: [ubl] Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 9 November 2005

I see from the minutes that the TC has decided to go for
redefine. I don't want to reopen the long discussion that we
had on this in London (when Mike H. hosted our meeting), at
which point we decided not to go that route mostly because of
software concerns on the one hand and because redefine does not
leave traces of it having been used in the document instances,
only in the schemas, on the other.

I trust that the new versioning strategy the TC has adopted
(and which I sadly have not been able to follow) makes it
unnecessary to have the ability to know whether a document
uses redefined elements or not. But I would like to underline
a couple of things, just to make sure that those on the TC who
do not have the full benefit of knowing the entire history of
the version 1.0 may be aware of all the implications of this.

Based on the assumption (which may be wrong) that I understand
what "redefine" does, the following two consequences immediately
come to mind (there may be others, of course):

a) the Customization Guide we wrote for v1.0 should be deleted
for 2.0 and replaced with something completely new. Nothing
in the old one applies now, so it would be a disservice to
UBL users to try to re-use it.

b) The notion of polymorphic validation should be eliminated
from anywhere else in the documentation, if it is ever mentioned
there. The use of redefine completely eliminates the possibility
of using a previous schema version to validate a new version
document, as it provides none of the guarantees that XSD
extensions and restrictions do.



On 11/18/2005 06:10 AM, Jon.Bosak@Sun.COM wrote:
 > 16H00 - 18H00 UTC WEDNESDAY 9 NOVEMBER 2005
 >    Jon Bosak (chair)
 >    Stephen Green
 >    Michael Grimley
 >    Sylvia Webb
 >    Mikkel Brun
 >    Andy Schoka
 >    Paul Thorpe
 >    Anne Hendry
 >    Tony Coates
 >    Zarella Rendon


 >  - Redefine and minor versioning:
 >       http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl/200511/msg00080.html
 >       MG: We need to test redefine more to see whether it is
 >       usable in customization and check tool support. Everyone
 >       agrees it's the way to go unless there is a prob with
 >       customization or tools.  We're in the process of
 >       investigating this.
 >       SG: [Regarding the decision to use "2" rather than "2.0" in
 >       namespaces] We should drop the minor version number from the
 >       file names as well.
 >       AGREED to use "2" in the major version file names rather
 >       than "2.0".
 >       AGREED that the version number is required.
 > Jon Bosak
 > Chair, OASIS UBL TC
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