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Subject: Re: [ubl] Draft 2.0 Schemas with Currency Codes edited to unions

This is not a problem. We verified that the use of union of token and code list would not permit automatic validation in parser. However, you can see that the parser does understand the code set and note that in XMLSpy you can pick from the list of codes.
By precluding the use of substitution groups in the UBL schemas, it is not possible to constrain the acceptable values in the schemas. However, use of union allows others to restrict from this definition which was not possible otherwise.
This is, therefore, what I think is the best compromise given other NDR decisions.
In a message dated 12/7/2005 10:01:24 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, stephen_green@bristol-city.gov.uk writes:

There might be a problem as I rather suspected

The following should not be valid, according to business requirements:

<cbc:ID schemeID="XXXXXXXXXX" schemeName="XXXXXXXXXX" schemeAgencyID="XXXXXXXXXX" schemeAgencyName="XXXXXXXXXX" schemeVersionID="XXXXXXXXXX" schemeDataURI="Y" schemeURI="Y">XXXXXXXXXX</cbc:ID>
<cbc:PaidAmount currencyID="A">23</cbc:PaidAmount>
<cbc:InstructionID schemeID="XXXXXXXXXX" schemeName="XXXXXXXXXX" schemeAgencyID="XXXXXXXXXX" schemeAgencyName="XXXXXXXXXX" schemeVersionID="XXXXXXXXXX" schemeDataURI="Y" schemeURI="Y">XXXXXXXXXX</cbc:InstructionID>

It has <cbc:PaidAmount currencyID="A">23</cbc:PaidAmount> with an invalid currencyID "A"
but it is treated as valid (in XML Spy 2006 at least).

This should be verified as I was only able to use the Home Edition.

All the best


>>> <Burnsmarty@aol.com> 07/12/05 12:50:14 >>>

As requested I have taken the draft 2.0 schemas and modified them minimally 
to change the underlying type of currency code to a union of token and a list 
that is a restriction of token.

A couple of notes:

1) The order instance in the set did not quite match the schemas in the zip 
file. The attached has an example generated from xml spy based on the draft 

2) I did not quite get why there are two code list schemas referenced in  the
schema set. One with codes and one without. So I modified both.

3) I did not flesh out the entire currency code list schemas according to 
the template. However, the main difference is the incorporation of "fixed" 
attribute definitions for supplementary components that allow instance documents 
to have these values as originally required. I assumed that this part of the 
template was not controversial so I made the minimal changes on the union 
discussion to make it easy to see the small modifications required.

I am not sure I can make the Atlantic call today, so please email with 


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