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Subject: Updated NDR

[Change extension from '.foo' to '.zip'.]

Updated figures 2-3, 3-1 and 3-2 to reflect decisions made concerning the adoption of the ATG2 UDT and CCT schemas and the
non-importation of the CCTS Core Component Parameters schema module.

Removed words indicating that the ccts:UnqualifiedDatatypes "have no restrictions to the values of the corresponding
ccts:ContentComponent or ccts:SupplementaryComponent."

Added to Code List Section:

   "Each UBL Code List Schema Module will import the UBL QDT Schema Module where there is defined a UBLCodeType. This type will be a
trivial extension of  the udt:CodeType in the ATG2 UDT schema by creating a union of the UDT code type and an enumeration - each
enumeration being a restriction on the udt:CodeType."

The Code List part may need more work, but I wanted to get something out before I left. It should be enough to get us started.




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