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Subject: Re: [ubl] Draft 2.0 Schemas with Currency Codes edited to unions

No worries! The UBL committee is supporting the validation method via Schematron you are working on. I am trying to make sure that users of UBL schemas (as you say trading partners) are free to redefine/substitution group/ or schematron as their hearts or minds direct. I understand the committee to be going down the path of providing the schematron to users to illustrate how to validate using that method. I don't know if the group has settled on what documents, schemas, xml files, are to be normative to UBL and which will be informative.
The examples I provided in the past showed how to extend or restrict the schemas. This exercise for me was only to show that the underlying schema didn't break anything in UBL2.
Let me know if this email didn't clear things up for you.
In a message dated 12/7/2005 1:26:41 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com writes:
At 2005-12-07 10:31 -0500, Burnsmarty@aol.com wrote:
>This is not a problem. We verified that the use of union of token
>and code list would not permit automatic validation in parser.
>However, you can see that the parser does understand the code set
>and note that in XMLSpy you can pick from the list of codes.
>By precluding the use of substitution groups in the UBL schemas, it
>is not possible to constrain the acceptable values in the schemas.
>However, use of union allows others to restrict from this definition
>which was not possible otherwise.
>This is, therefore, what I think is the best compromise given other
>NDR decisions.

Does this mean there is no role for the code list value validation
methodology I'm working on?

If the schemas do not parse against an enumerated list, this approach
you've implemented appears to require the schemas be modified by
restriction in order to do the value validation.  My understanding
was that the schemas used for validation would not be touched (as in
the files were sacrosanct).

Can the restriction be done entirely from an outside "shell" schema
expression that includes the UBL schema expression?  Is this shell
schema what trading partners would exchange as part of their
agreement to the coded values they'll accept?

I looked in your examples directory and I didn't see an example of
how trading partners would restrict the UBL 2.0 schemas to, say, a
selection of only three currency values.  Can you include an example
so that we can see what trading partners would write in order to
restrict a document's use of currency coded values?

I had anticipated that the changes you were coming up with would
still validate the "largest set" of coded values, and that
supplemental processes would be used to validate subsets agreed-upon
by trading partners.  The UBL schemas would be the first pass
required to be passed and rejecting instances that would never be
acceptable anywhere, and the second pass would accommodate trading
partner agreements.

If this isn't the case, then I should stop the supplemental process
to do code list coded value validation so that there is only be one
way to do it.  And that is fine with me to stop this, as it hasn't
been completely documented ... just let me know ... there really
shouldn't be two ways to do this.

Thanks, Marty!

. . . . . . . . Ken

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