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Subject: Re: [ubl] SV: UBL draft 12

A couple of questions - EDIFIX keeps crashing on me - so I am not sure
what is going on.  I am using version 6.0.  I went to GEFEG to see if there
was a newer version but I could only find 5.0.  I tried the internet update
option and nothing happens so I am assuming I am running the latest
and greatest version.

Sylvia sent me instructions for importing the spreadsheets so I thought
we were working from the spreadsheets as the normative model.  Since I
wasn't able to import the spreadsheets, I have imported the .ZEF file
and that imported correctly.

I get the following error when I import the .ZEF file?

   "You are not authorized to register EDI Standards"

When I go to export a model to a schema I only have the following options:

    EDIFIX archive
    Odette XMI
    ATG XML Schemas
    ATG2 XSD Files
    CCTS to MsExcel
    UBL 1.0 XSD Files
    UBL 1.1 XSD Files
    XML Schema
    XSD File

I get the following errors with "XML Schema" and "XSD File":
    Unable to execute plug-in "XML schema".

    XML schema export is not available for data models of the
    type "UBL/CCTS".

    Module: FXPIU2X, Number: 23916

When I try to use the "UBL 1.* XSD Files" export EDIFIX crashes.

I am not sure where to turn now!


> Hi Betty
> The easiest way is to first import the zef-file and then reimport the
> schemas if you want to validate the import of them. We have no schmemas
> for
> unqualified datatypes and the qualified datatypes has not been updated
> since
> draft 7. I noticed that it is missing in the draft 12 update and therefor
> sent it to you again.
> /Peter
> -----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
> Fra: harvey [mailto:harvey@eccnet.com]
> Sendt: 20. december 2005 14:43
> Til: Peter Larsen Borresen
> Cc: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org
> Emne: Re: UBL draft 12
> Peter and Sylvia:
> Is there something else or is there an order that the spreadsheets should
> get imported into EDIFIX?
> When I import the first spreadsheet I receive the following error?
>    <!--
>     Unable to include the data model "uDT; UBL 2.0; 2005-11".
>     The data model "uDT; UBL 2.0; 2005-11" is not registered.
>     Module: FXEDIFIX, Number: 11361
>   -->
> I didn't see a uDT model in the zip file.
> Thanks!
> Betty
>> Dear Betty and UBL TC
>> Please find draft 12 attached as zip file.
>> Kind reagards og merry Christmas
>> Peter L. Borresen
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