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Subject: SV: UBL draft 12

Hi Betty

The easiest way is to first import the zef-file and then reimport the
schemas if you want to validate the import of them. We have no schmemas for
unqualified datatypes and the qualified datatypes has not been updated since
draft 7. I noticed that it is missing in the draft 12 update and therefor
sent it to you again.


-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
Fra: harvey [mailto:harvey@eccnet.com]
Sendt: 20. december 2005 14:43
Til: Peter Larsen Borresen
Cc: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org
Emne: Re: UBL draft 12

Peter and Sylvia:

Is there something else or is there an order that the spreadsheets should
get imported into EDIFIX?

When I import the first spreadsheet I receive the following error?


    Unable to include the data model "uDT; UBL 2.0; 2005-11".

    The data model "uDT; UBL 2.0; 2005-11" is not registered.

    Module: FXEDIFIX, Number: 11361


I didn't see a uDT model in the zip file.



> Dear Betty and UBL TC
> Please find draft 12 attached as zip file.
> Kind reagards og merry Christmas
> Peter L. Borresen


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