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Subject: Importing UBL Spreadsheets

Hi Peter:

I was able to import all the spreadsheets, thanks to Sylvia's calm
diligence in helping me (Thanks Sylvia!).  All the spreadsheets had
the following warnings: "Warning (line 2): Base ABIE or ACC not found. "
I am not sure if these are significant.

There was one options file that didn't have an accompanying spreadsheet.
The spreadsheet would be Remittance.  I am not sure if the Remittance
is part of 2.0.

I was able to create schemas from all the models.  I haven't QA'd the
schemas yet but I did compare one of them to the schemas you sent and
there are no differences except for the date.  I take this as a good

Jon - I told you last night that I would be difficult to get schemas
to you by COB tomorrow but it looks like we may be able to make the
deadline - barring any problems once I actually start looking at the

I will make sure the schemas are syntactically correct but will rely
on SME (Subject Matter Experts) to assure they meet the business

If the warnings aren't a problem and if I receive the Remittance
spreadsheet or hear that it is not part of hte package I should
be on target to submit the schemas sometime tomorrow.


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