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Subject: Problem with Brussels meeting dates

Hello UBL TC,

Don't buy tickets for Brussels yet.  I've just received the
following from our host, Alain Dechamps:

| Unfortunately I have a big concern. While booking the room for you
| I have realized that the 25 May is the 'Ascension' a bank holiday
| (almost in all Europe), so CEN/CENELEC shall be closed without any
| possibility to access due to the security rules. I am very sorry
| for that. I have provisionally also booked the following week but
| I don't know if it suits you.
| So two rooms have been booked for UBL for of 22-26 May (except 25)
| and for the week 29 May-2 June.

Looking at the schedule I sent last night, it appears that the
week of 29 May - 2 June is just too far out.  I'm checking with
Alain to see whether the (four-day) week of 2-5 May is still


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