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Subject: Re: [ubl] Problem with Brussels meeting dates

OK, here's the situation.

 - In yesterday's Atlantic TC call, we decided on the week of
   22-26 May 2006 for the UBL TC meeting at CEN/CENELEC
   headquarters in Brussels.

 - Today I've been informed that those offices are closed Thursday
   25 May.

 - Here are our options:

    - Hold the meeting the week of 22 May and take Thursday off.

    - Hold the meeting the week of 29 May.

    - Hold the meeting Tuesday-Friday 2-5 May.  We won't have the
      same rooms for the entire four days, but we will have rooms.

My opinion (and remember, I won't be there) is that pushing the
meeting out to the week of 29 May will really mess up our
schedule, so I'm against that option.  Whether it's better to work
the four days 2-5 May or the four days 22-24 and 26 May is up to
the members planning to attend.

The scheduling implication (please see the schedule I sent
yesterday) is that a meeting earlier in the month will do more
actual comment resolution, whereas one later in the month will
probably be focused more on formal comment disposition.

Members planning to attend the meeting: Please send mail to this
list indicating your preference.


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