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Subject: Re: [ubl] Problem with Brussels meeting dates

My preference would be to have it May 22-26.
If we all located in more or less the same hotel we could maybe have some
small work sessions in our rooms. I guess nobody is going to have a 
suite given
the hotel prices :-)


> OK, here's the situation.
> - In yesterday's Atlantic TC call, we decided on the week of
>   22-26 May 2006 for the UBL TC meeting at CEN/CENELEC
>   headquarters in Brussels.
> - Today I've been informed that those offices are closed Thursday
>   25 May.
> - Here are our options:
>    - Hold the meeting the week of 22 May and take Thursday off.
>    - Hold the meeting the week of 29 May.
>    - Hold the meeting Tuesday-Friday 2-5 May.  We won't have the
>      same rooms for the entire four days, but we will have rooms.
> My opinion (and remember, I won't be there) is that pushing the
> meeting out to the week of 29 May will really mess up our
> schedule, so I'm against that option.  Whether it's better to work
> the four days 2-5 May or the four days 22-24 and 26 May is up to
> the members planning to attend.
> The scheduling implication (please see the schedule I sent
> yesterday) is that a meeting earlier in the month will do more
> actual comment resolution, whereas one later in the month will
> probably be focused more on formal comment disposition.
> Members planning to attend the meeting: Please send mail to this
> list indicating your preference.
> Jon
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