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Subject: What would be the default actions/events from a Xform UBL mapping?


Currently in HISC we're discussing if UBL is output as an OpenOffice document
with Xforms mapping to individual UBL fields, what kinds of things are we
expecting such a form to do? It does not seem to me to be of much use to just
use the Xforms fields as presentational elements, there should perhaps be
some sort of interaction. 

In a thread (prior to the manhattan meeting) with the subject heading:
"[ubl-dev] Simple ODF/XForms (OOo2/SO8) for UBL 1.0 Invoice"

Stephen Green posited: 

"It should be possible to create a simple UBL 1.0
Invoice with one form (saved locally) then use
the other form to read it (from where it is saved)
and convert it to pdf (OpenOffice 2 and Star
Office 8 have this facility). Then either or both
as appropriate could be sent say by email (for
micro/small businesses this might be OK - please
don't blame me if it isn't) as attachments and/or
imported somehow into a finance system or 
spreadsheet (perhaps with an office product
macro, say). Note that the first form, if used to
directly create a pdf, will in OOo2/SO8, produce
a form that can be edited before printing and this
would be unacceptably risky for sending as an
Invoice. Again, please accept that the use of the
forms is at users own risk."

Possible actions would be File save, email, db load... any others?

What would these actions consist of? Something like the following implemented
in each action? 

- call file save
     if valid do save
       ask 'do save'
         yes-> do save

For purposes of doing things relatively quickly we've discussed doing it as
the small business subset. 

Aside from this are there any fields in the SBS that anyone can think of as
not being needed in a presentation - that can be configured for the
individual implementation. I suppose SellerParty information for an Invoice
could  be hardcoded, and thus handled via configuration. 

Bryan Rasmussen

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