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Subject: RE: [ubl] UN/CEFACT 3055, meaning of 86-92

 "If I send an Invoice and mark all my listAgencyID as being 86, what does
this mean?"

This means that Denmark as the originator of the invoice assigns the codes
and the meanings for the codes.  

For code 87, you might identify your freight, ocean, air, truck, or rail
carrier in the invoice by their carrier code instead of some other

In the US, it is common for companies to identify themselves by their Dun
and Bradstreet number. This is code 16 in 3055. So as the sender of the
invoice, you would use Code 16 and the D & B number to identify the company
you are sending the invoice to instead of their traditional physical


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From: Bryan Rasmussen [mailto:BRS@itst.dk] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 3:19 AM
To: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ubl] UN/CEFACT 3055, meaning of 86-92


In UN/CEFACT's 3055 -  3055 -  Code list responsible agency code UN/CEFACT
Revision 1999B Code List,  there are the following values given as possible

86 Assigned by party originating the message  Codes assigned by the party
originating the message. 
87 Assigned by carrier
 Codes assigned by the carrier. 
88 Assigned by owner of operation
 Assigned by owner of operation (e.g. used in construction). 
89 Assigned by distributor
 Self explanatory. 
90 Assigned by manufacturer
 Self explanatory. 
91 Assigned by seller or seller's agent  Self explanatory. 
92 Assigned by buyer or buyer's agent
 Self explanatory.

what do these mean in the context of
"listAgencyID - Identifies the agency that manages a code list. The default
agencies used are those from DE 3055 but roles defined in DE 3055 cannot be
listAgencyName - The name of the agency that maintains the code list. Note:
listAgencyName should be not used, because all code lists should be
recognized in a standardized global environment. 
listAgencySchemeID - Identifies the ID schema that represents the context
for identifying the agency. Note: This attribute is necessary, if the value
in listAgencyID is not based on UN/CEFACT data element 3055. "

If I send an Invoice and mark all my listAgencyID as being 86, what does
this mean?

What does Carrier mean in the context? I suppose it is the carrier of a real
good. In which case if one is selling a service would 87 be allowed? Or is
carrier in this context in reference to message carrier?

Bryan Rasmussen

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