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Subject: Re: UBL 2.0 SBS

I have now uploaded the final working draft of a package
which includes completed ebBP definitions for UBL 2,
UBL 2 SBS (and generic equivalent processes) with
corresponding ebCPA templates. This has been named
the Universal Business Process 2.0 package. It is now
separate from the UBL 2 SBS package as a submission
to the TC to be a candidate committee draft, public review
draft and possibly a committee specification in its own
right, pending TC ballot, if approved. Many thanks to
the ebBP TC in liaison with whom this draft has been
produced (with particular help from Sacha Schelgel).

The draft can be found at

Please would the TC now consider this package as
recommended for committee draft and an initial public
review. This is in addition to the UBL 2 SBS package.

To avoid confusion, I'd just point out that the UBL 1
SBS is also undergoing processing having completed
its second public review, in parallel to the processing
of these packages related to UBL 2 (prd 1). So there
is an overlap between three deliverable packages
from the Small Business Subcommittee, I apologise for
this coincidence.

Many thanks

Stephen Green
co-chair UBL SBSC

> Please note that the Univeral Business Process ebXML
> artifacts which formed part of the SBS package for UBL
> 1.0 have with version 2 been separated into another
> standalone package which I hope to submit to the TC
> as a proposed committee draft in about a week from now.

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