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Subject: Re: [ubl] UBP 1.0 separate from UBL 1.0 SBS ?


There may be a problem with the progress of the UBP directly to
ballot as candidate committee specification in that it only
underwent the second UBL-1.0-SBS public review (15 days) and has
not had a review as a standalone draft.

Right.  It will have to start over (TC balloting and then 60-day

| If it does need to complete a 50 day review to be allowed to
| progress to committee specification ballot, how about we package
| it together with the UBP 2.0 which is at the stage of waiting for
| a vote to become a committee draft and public review
| draft. Perhaps the two would then be called UBP 1.0 and be
| packaged as one set of ebXML artifacts covering both UBL 1.0 and
| UBL 2.

OK with me.  But note that if the UBP part is removed from 1.0
SBS, it will have to start over again, too.


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