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Subject: Formal public comment: Testa

We are in receipt of the following public comment, which should be
added to the issues list by the PSC.




Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 10:07:10 +0000
From: comment-form@oasis-open.org
Subject: [ubl-comment] Public Comment
To: ubl-comment@lists.oasis-open.org

Comment from: veronique.testa@cegedim.fr

Name: Testa Veronique
Organization: CEGEDIM-EDI

Starting with UBL 1.0 since few months, we've implemented the Invoice 1.0 as our "standard format".
I work on UBL 2.0 and more specially on migration from UBL 1.0 Invoice, compatibility, constraints. My first goal is to cover at least an equal perimeter before going forward. Good point about the new Party elements that take in account more actors in the process.

First tests resulting in errors validating my output files generated with UBL 2.0 scheme, I've got some questions, remarks:

1. Some elements are mandatory like CopyIndicator for DespachDocumentReference, ReceiptDocumentReference, OriginatorDocumentReference: What is the reason to make it mandatory ? In UBL 1.0 it was optional.  If not used, what is the default value (true/false). Globally there's too much mandatory element while these data are not useful or not used.
2. There is no more mean to indicate for an item or a line, the price with and w/o charges (calculation gross and calculation net). Both information are required in Invoice for legal purpose (in case of allowance or charge) BasePrice in Item was Unbounded in UBL 1.0  / The BasePrice could be 1 to unbounded with a qualifier to specify more than one BasePrice..
3. How could we treat the free goods in invoice ?
4. What is the goal and definition of PartyLegalEntity ? Does it identify the legal company in case of an invoice issued by a subentity ? or /and the legal Tax Representative Party (declaring the VAT) which can be different ? 
5. There's no way (same as UBL 1.0) to provide the name of the Delivery (No Party identification). Useful
6. We use as a control the UBL 1.0 LineItemCountNumeric. It has been removed in UBL 2.0 / Is it definitive ?
7. What is the goal and definition of the element named "cbc:Qualifier" ? (from DespachDocumentReference, ReceiptDocumentReference...)

Thanks in advance for your comments.
Véronique Testa

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