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Subject: Changes to UBL NDR

Title: Changes to UBL NDR


Here is my proposal for updating the NDR so it fits with the Danish requirements:
Chapter 5:

Delete line 1583-1589   [This is allready described in line 1790-1798]
Change line 1790-1798 to:

"UBL restricts use of xsd:any to extensions. There can only be two usages of xsd:any in a document; one in the end of a line element and one as the last element of the document. The content of a xsd:any must point to a well known schema, approved by the UBL TC, UBL subcommitee or a UBL localization group."

Chapter 8:

Add a new section 8.5 (Section 8.5 becomes 8.6) :

8.5 Instance origin

To be able to track how the instance was generated the following process-instruction SHOULD be added to each document instances:

        Creator="<person or application (inklusiv full verison attributes) that has generated the document"
        Created="<date and time the document was send>"

To be able to track what version of schemas an instance was generated from the following attributes SHOULD be present in each document:


Kind regards


PS: Maybe some one english speking person should edit the text before chunking it into the NDR document.

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