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Subject: Re: [ubl] Changes to UBL NDR

(because of my absence tomorrow, I'll offer my comments here)

At 2006-04-04 14:46 +0200, Peter Borresen wrote:
>"UBL restricts use of xsd:any to extensions. There can only be two 
>usages of xsd:any in a document; one in the end of a line element 
>and one as the last element of the document. The content of a 
>xsd:any must point to a well known schema, approved by the UBL TC, 
>UBL subcommitee or a UBL localization group."

As mentioned moments ago in a response to Mike, I would like to see 
this at the end of the party type.

>To be able to track how the instance was generated the following 
>process-instruction SHOULD be added to each document instances:
>         Creator="<person or application (inklusiv full verison 
> attributes) that has generated the document"
>         Created="<date and time the document was send>"

I disagree ... I'm quite wary of standardizing processing 
instructions.  A PI is a directive to a processing application ... 
the data quoted above doesn't feel like a processing directive ... it 
feels just like more data.

>To be able to track what version of schemas an instance was 
>generated from the following attributes SHOULD be present in each document:
>    * MinorVersion
>    * Context
>    * Subset
>    * Profile
What is the difference between a context, a subset and a profile?

. . . . . . . Ken

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