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Subject: RE: [ubl] Changes to UBL NDR

At 2006-04-04 16:30 -0400, Grimley Michael J NPRI wrote:
>I believe there is still significant reluctance to allow xsd:any in 
>the UBL Standard. Issues were raised in New York that I'm not sure 
>have been addressed. Have you considered my suggestion of 
>implementing it as a Danish extension to UBL, rather than it 
>becoming a part of the UBL standard?

I've been swayed that judicious use of xsd:any can support extensibility.

>Hopefully all interested parties will be on the call tomorrow so we 
>can reach closure on this issue.

I am unable to call in, but in addition to the end of the document 
and the end of a line item, I'm of the opinion the end of a party 
would be a useful place for extensibility through xsd:any ... though 
I recognize doing anything is a slippery slope that might lead to 
trying to justify everything being this way.

With all the different kinds of parties, such a repeated structure is 
much like a repeated line, and having extensibility at the end of a 
party will allow extensions to live in a context with an implicit 
relationship should an application wish to derive such a relation.

>As far as including additional information in a message, I believe 
>that would be a Content issue, rather than an NDR issue (aside from 
>the fact that they would need to be elements, rather than attributes).

Ahhh ... I figured it was an NDR rule too ... or is it just the 
prohibition of xsd:any is an NDR issue?

. . . . . . Ken

>Thank You,
>From: Peter Borresen [mailto:PLB@itst.dk]
>Sent: Tuesday, 04 April 2006 0847
>To: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org
>Subject: [ubl] Changes to UBL NDR
>Dear UBL TC
>Here is my proposal for updating the NDR so it fits with the Danish 
>Chapter 5:
>Delete line 1583-1589   [This is allready described in line 1790-1798]
>Change line 1790-1798 to:
>"UBL restricts use of xsd:any to extensions. There can only be two 
>usages of xsd:any in a document; one in the end of a line element 
>and one as the last element of the document. The content of a 
>xsd:any must point to a well known schema, approved by the UBL TC, 
>UBL subcommitee or a UBL localization group."

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