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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 3|4 April 2006

00:30 - 02:30 UTC TUESDAY 4 APRIL 2006


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Stephen Green
   G. Ken Holman
   Tim McGrath (vice chair)
   Andy Schoka
   Sylvia Webb


   Additions to the calendar:

      TM: Attending UN/CEFACT Single Window Symposium, Geneva; 3-5
      May 2006 (attending 5 May).

   Liaison report: Tax XML TC

      SW: The TC met; nothing of interest to UBL.

   Liaison report: ebBP TC

      SG: CS not balloted yet, but ready to go into final stages.

   Subcommittee report: SBSC

      SG: Ready for CS.  Note editorial dependency on namespace
      used for ebBP.

      TM: Business processes for 2.0 SBS and transport?

      SG/TM: Wait till 1.0 SBS is done.

   Liaison report: UN/CEFACT

      JB: Waiting for OASIS Management review.

      TM: Proposal has been accepted by the UN/CEFACT FMG; now in
      hands of OASIS.

   Team report: Code Lists

      ACTION: JB to ask MB about input on CL metadata.

   Subcommittee report: PSC

      SW: PSC did not meet this week; took first cut at
      spreadsheets from BH, tried to categorize issues; TM is
      adding additional columns to spreadsheets, and we will pick
      up this coming Friday (meeting Friday this week only).

   Subcommittee report: TSC

      TM: Will be chairing the meeting this week (Kama on
      vacation); ensuring that everyone on TSC has the issues

   Review of Atlantic call

      TM: Re planning for Brussels: We need to keep our
      co-sponsor, IDABC, in the loop.  The contact is Emilio
      Castrillejo (Emilio.CASTRILLEJO@cec.eu.int).

      ACTION: JB to note the address and copy Mavis. [This has
      been noted in the agenda for the Atlantic call.]

   Schedule review

      JB: Normative schedule: we were told in the MoU/MG meeting
      to expect input from ISO TC184 (Howard Mason).  This is the
      last week for it.

      ACTION: SW to remind Howard.

      TM: In both TSC and PSC, we're expecting no further input
      TBG1 or TBG3 in this review cycle; they've given us what
      they can.

      ACTION: TM to communicate back to those who submitted
      comments that we've closed the comment period and inform
      them of our schedule going forward.

      ACTION: JB to update the TC web site as soon as 1.0 SBS goes
      to ballot.

      JB: Still on the hook to provide a draft about customization

      AS: Is this a replacement for the guidelines in UBL 1.0?

      TM: We aren't addressing how you do customization at the
      modeling level or the CCTS level or contextualization.

      JB: Schedule for upporting materials: line 9 col J?

      TM: The only new doc type we're expecting is transport

      AGREED that we won't be expecting output specs for any new
      documents submitted after 17 April.

      GKH: Won't be able to come to the meeting in Brussels after

      TM: We have 168 issues on the list; will have to deal with a
      few sent in twice... There needs to be a single owner for
      the master spreadsheet.

      AGREED that the dynamic spreadsheet for all issues will be
      maintained by PB during the issues disposition process.

      AGREED that the SCs must try as hard as possible to resolve
      all issues before the TC meets in Brussels in order to
      maintain the schedule.

      TM: SW has the master copy right now; we need to triage that
      list, look at what doesn't fall into any of the SCs, and put
      those items on the TC agenda.


   ACTION: JB to find meeting facilities in Montreal for August

      Have sent mail to Ed Buchinski; no answer yet.  GKH and SW
      will try some contacts.

   ACTION: JB to request OASIS to set up the ballot for
   approval of 1.0 SBS as an OASIS Committee Specification.

      AGREED that it's time to move forward with the draft sent by
      SG 3 April.

   ACTION: JB to user-test GKH's draft 0.4 (see mail of 20 Feb
   with pointer to the repository).


   ACTION: SW to contact BH to produce an issues spreadsheet for
   use in categorizing issues.


   ACTION: JB to fit this into the support package schedule: add
   lines for PSC example instances, TSC example instances, 2.0 SBS
   for transport, UBP 2 for procurement, UBP 2 for transport.



Jon Bosak

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