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Subject: Extension Element Action item SV: [ubl] Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 5 April 2006

>   AGREED that the document extension area should go at a high
>   level, but last in the schema.

>   ACTION: PB and BR to submit a more detailed proposal along
>   these lines, possibly contacting MG offline; for submission
>   week after next at the latest.  (Next week is the Easter
>   holiday in Europe.)

Due to various issues around vacations and work schedules Peter and I haven't
had an opportunity to talk together. 
It was my understanding that this Action Item was actually to be split into
two, that is to say how should xsd:any be allowed in the Naming and Design
Rules (which was the part that Mike Grimley volunteered to read over), and an
item on how the element should look. Is this correct? 

I had planned on doing the NDR item over my vacation, but as it was a
capoiera workshop where I ended up training 7+ hrs per day and dancing all
night as part of the workshop's social obligations I ended up only being able
to do about 3 hours of the work I'd intended to do over my vacation, and none
of that was on the NDR (yet strangely, I am quite happy ). However I figure I
can have the NDR part of the item later on this week, if that is in fact
still part of the action item.

Sorry for the inconvenience, 
Bryan Rasmussen  


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