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Subject: FORMAL: Revised rules for UBL localization subcommittees

Hello UBL TC,

On 6 April, I sent you a proposal for revising our rules regarding
UBL localization subcommittees:


Having received no substantive responses, I'm going to assume that
you are OK with the proposed changes and now put this to you
formally.  On approval, the revised rules below will replace the
LSC rules adopted in 2003:


If any voting member of the UBL TC disagrees with adoption of the
revised rules below, please signify the same by posting an
objection to this list no later than COB Sunday 30 April 2006.  If
you have no objection to adoption of the revised rules, do

Jon Bosak



1. Each UBL localization subcommittee shall operate in its target
   language and shall meet on a schedule optimized for members
   working in the target language.

2. UBL localization subcommittees shall report in English at every
   face-to-face UBL TC meeting and also by email to the UBL TC as
   required to keep the TC informed of substantive developments.

3. The essential tasks of a UBL localization subcommittee shall be
   as follows:

   a. To translate UBL specifications and documentation into the
      target language.

   b. To create translations of the UBL data terms and definitions
      for inclusion in the UBL International Data Dictionary.

   c. To propose extensions to UBL to accommodate local legal and
      business practices.

   d. To assist the UBL Human Interface Subcommittee in the
      creation of language-specific input and output formatting

4. UBL localization subcommittees shall additionally be authorized
   (but not required) to perform the following functions:

   a. Build and maintain a UBL web site in the target language
      within the oasis-open.org domain.

   b. Publicize UBL in the target language while coordinating with
      OASIS communications staff as appropriate.

   c. Hold workshops and other activities in the target language.

   d. Conduct studies of actual and potential UBL use in the
      target locale for input to the UBL TC.

5. In all respects not covered by these special rules,
   localization subcommittees shall be bound by the standing rules
   for UBL technical committees and all relevant OASIS policies
   (for example, TC Process, IPR Policy, and Media Relations

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