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Subject: Re: [ubl] WD9 schemas with Extensions


| I mention this now because it may be the only opportunity to 'fix'
| it.  I'd like to be able to produce instances which can be
| distinguished as prd2 instances rather than any future revision of
| UBL 2.  To do this it seems most practical to use the [revision]
| identifier in the xsd:version and include this in the UBLVersion
| value.

We just went through this with "draft" vs. "specification" in the
namespace URNs.

Basically, the strategy we're adopting is to give stuff like the
namespace URNs, the version number, etc. the values they will have
in the final release.  Otherwise we would get stuck in an infinite
procedural loop, because if we used "draft" (for example), then
that would have to change for publication, and that change would
trigger another public review, ad infinitum.

| The problem is our latest UBL 2 prd2 schema files have just '2' in
| the xsd:version. What I think we might need is to use '2.0.2'
| where the '.2' is the revision identifier - in conformance with
| the rule to use integers as the identifiers

No, you'll just have to figure out some other way of tracking
changes.  From VER15, VER11, and VER12, however, it does appear
that the version number has to be "2.0" rather than "2".


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