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Subject: Questions regarding VER15 and revised IND7 in NDR

Hi folks,

Off-list Steve brought to my attention that the 
sample document instances didn't have the schema 
version of "2.0" in their UBLVersionID element.

(1) That made me realize that the NDR says 
"UBLVersion" yet the spreadsheets say 
"UBLVersionID".  In fact the spreadsheets have 
"UBLSubsetID" and "UBLProfileID", whereas the NDR 
doesn't have the "ID" suffix to "UBLVersion" or 
"UBLSubset" but it does have it for "UBLProfileID".

If this is a model error then I can modify my 
massaging stylesheets.  If this is not a model 
error then the NDRs can be updated accordingly.

(2) Reviewing VER15, I note that the schemas from 
GEFEG do not have a default value declaration for 
this element as indicated by the rule:

[VER15]   Every UBL document schema MUST include 
a required element named "UBLVersion" as the 
first child of its root element. This element 
MUST have a default value that matches the value 
of the xsd:version attribute of its containing schema.

Also, as another overlooked side effect of making 
the UBLExtensions element first in child order, 
the text suggested by Mavis below should also be added above:

At 2006-07-18 08:13 +0100, Mavis Cournane wrote:
>Would we want something like
>  [IND7] All UBL instance documents MUST include an element
>       named "UBLVersion" as the first child of its root
>       element, except in  the case of 
> extension, where the 'UBL Extension' element is 
> used. In the case of extension the UBLVersion 
> element MUST be the second child of the 
> document element. The value of this UBLVersion element MUST match the value of
>       the xsd:version attribute of its controlling schema.

So, in my massaging stylesheets shall I satisfy 
VER15 by adding a default= declaration to the CBC 
module for the declaration of the UBLVersionID element which reads as:

   <xsd:element name="UBLVersionID" type="UBLVersionIDType"/>

to then read as:

   <xsd:element name="UBLVersionID" type="UBLVersionIDType" default="2.0"/>

Please advise.  I have automated the massaging so 
I can quickly turn around changes like this.  If 
VER15 is to remain then I have to add the default 
declaration to the CBC module.


. . . . . . . Ken

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