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Subject: Re: SV: [ubl] IIDs and IDIDs

not sure what action list you have because mine (the one attched) has no action required for  ISS-29.

I do agree that we shouldn't be calling it CustomizeID (don't know where that came from) ISS-30 clearly states "CustomizationID".

Peter Borresen wrote:
Hi Tim

I have receive request from Jon that do not match with the resolved
actionlist for PRD3. 

 - Change all SubsetID to CustomizeID (It is written CustomizationID in the
 - Change the cardinallity for UBLVersionID to 0..1 (There was an action to
change this to 1)

Can you provide me with an updated issue/action list for PRD3?


-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
Fra: Tim McGrath [mailto:tmcgrath@portcomm.com.au]
Sendt: 6. september 2006 01:20
Til: jon.bosak@sun.com
Cc: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org
Emne: Re: [ubl] IIDs and IDIDs

 my understanding is that we use the abbreviation in all places, 
including the DEN.  we do this with other abbreviations such as CV2 and 
UNDG so we should do the same with UUID and URI.

that is why the spreadsheets have them that way.

jon.bosak@sun.com wrote:

- The form that should be used for the DENs of information items
  relating to UUIDs and URIs is a matter for CCTS experts to
  decide.  But the form that should be used in UBL names is not
  in question.

Questions that are in order at this point:

- Are the DENs used for items relating to UUIDs and URIs formed

- If not, what is their proper form?  For we shall use this form
  when revising the spreadsheets.




tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160
web: http://www.portcomm.com.au/tmcgrath

Issues2006-08-28-001-PRD2-for Peter.xls

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