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Subject: RE: [ubl] Comments to UBL V2.0 main specification (CS sanity check 4) by JPLSC


> Perhaps JPLSC members such as Justsystem can
> approach this task as an interesting technical challenge.

My colleague of Mori-san realized Saito-san's request as attached PDF file
which is formatted by Justsystem's Ichitaro.

Best Regards,
Kunio Ohno
Email: kunio_ohno@justsystem.co.jp

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> From: jon.bosak@sun.com [mailto:jon.bosak@sun.com]
> Sent: Saturday, October 14, 2006 12:08 AM
> To: saito-yukinori@fujielectric.co.jp
> Cc: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org; kenichi.hayashi@mitsubishicorp.com;
> kunio_ohno@justsystem.co.jp; kueno@iea.att.ne.jp; naitoh@is.oit.ac.jp;
> N.Itoh@otsuka-shokai.co.jp
> Subject: Re: [ubl] Comments to UBL V2.0 main specification (CS sanity
> 4) by JPLSC
> Hello Saito-san,
> Thank you very much for your comments!
> With regard to your comments about style, please understand that
> we are now using the OASIS DocBook templates to generate the HTML
> output from an XML original.  In other words, the document itself
> (UBL-2.0.xml) has no inherent output format; the format is
> provided by the standard DocBook stylesheets as modified by OASIS
> for OASIS publications.  Consequently, we no longer have control
> over the appearance of the document.  For example, the placement
> of figure titles is dictated by the OASIS DocBook stylesheets, not
> by us.  Therefore the formatting issues you raise must be
> addressed by OASIS for all of its DocBook-based publications.
> Please note that printed output is not a deliverable of this
> specification.  The UBL 2.0 specification is an electronic
> hypertext.  The PDF file included in the package exists only to
> fulfill a procedural requirement of the OASIS process and is not
> intended to be printed out.  I hope that future versions of the
> OASIS DocBook stylesheets will allow conformant applications to
> produce usefully formatted PDF representations of some of the
> specification, but this is an item over which we have no control.
> On the other hand, it seems to me that the fact that UBL 2.0 has
> no "official" printed representation means that the localization
> subcommittees are free to create any format they like for printed
> localized versions.  I see nothing that would prevent the JPLSC
> from implementing its formatting suggestions in its own
> publication of the specification.  I believe that this would apply
> even to the HTML version, as it, too, is just a generated artifact
> of the XML document.  Perhaps JPLSC members such as Justsystem can
> approach this task as an interesting technical challenge.
> With regard specifically to your comment about possible ISO
> publication, I agree that there are problems here, but they are
> much more extensive than perhaps you are aware.  For example, ISO
> guidelines for the names of files submitted for publication are
> not the same as ISO guidelines for the names of files to be
> published on CD.  In fact, the entire ISO publication process
> appears to be based on the requirements of certain proprietary
> applications.  I believe that ISO itself must adopt standard data
> formats and bring its publication processes into the new century
> before we can hope to achieve alignment, especially in the case of
> large electronic hypertexts such as UBL 2.0 that have no official
> paper representation.
> Regarding your other comments, with the close of the ballot
> yesterday, UBL 2.0 is now an OASIS Committee Specification and
> cannot be changed.  However, the issues you raise appear to be
> ones that can easily be addressed in UBL 2.1, and we will
> certainly keep your input on hand for use when we begin the next
> minor revision cycle.
> For UBL 2.0, the next steps are (1) localization and (2) the
> creation of the Support Package, beginning with the meeting next
> month in Singapore.  I will be grateful indeed if the JPLSC
> contributes the level of quality and leadership it gave to UBL 1.0
> localization!
> Best regards,
> Jon


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