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Subject: Re: [ubl] Comments to UBL V2.0 main specification (CS sanity check 4) by JPLSC


| My colleague of Mori-san realized Saito-san's request as attached
| PDF file which is formatted by Justsystem's Ichitaro.

Please thank Mori-san for his efforts; his PDF treatment does
handle the graphics better than the automatic output from
OpenOffice.  The tables are better, too.  This is a real

Unfortunately, it is very late to be making a change to the
Committee Specification, which is scheduled to be sent to the
OASIS membership to begin balloting tomorrow or the next day (31
October or 1 November), and I am not sure that OASIS will allow a
document whose type faces are so different from the OASIS document
template.  The PDF file we have in the current package is almost
useless, but it does follow the template.  (^_^)

Also, the version of UBL 2.0 that Mori-san based his conversion on
is PRD3 rather than the Committee Specification.  You can find the
latest version of the Committee Specification at


Here is my suggestion.  If Mori-san will run his converter again
today, using as input the HTML file from the package above, I will
check with OASIS to see whether they will allow us to substitute
his PDF file for the one in the package.  If they will allow us to
make the change, we will do so.  If OASIS will not allow us to
make the change, we will post Mori-san's new file on the OASIS UBL
TC page so that people can download it and use it instead of the
file in the release package.

In any case, it appears that we will get an improved PDF treatment
in the Japanese translation!

Best regards,


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