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Subject: Re: [ubl] Missing information in Statement and reminder document


| During the review process of OIOUBL we found out that we are
| missing payment information on a statementline. There are no place
| to specify where to place what has been payed and when it has been
| payed. And to my mind this is a fundamental requirement for a
| Statement.
| There are ways that this can be worked out, like using a document
| reference to specify the date of payment, applying an extension
| for this or specifying a new documenttype, localy used. Since the
| problem is global, the same for all usage of UBL I would like the
| UBL TC to suggest a solution for this, so every one does not using
| their own fixes.

There's no procedural difference between adding this feature and
adding any other: we work out how it should be done and put it on
the list for UBL 2.1.  (Assuming, of course, that the hacks that
people are starting to suggest are not the best ways to include
the information.)  We discussed this in committee some time ago.
In detail (as I remember it):

1. Decide how this feature should be implemented in UBL 2.1 and
   formally agree that UBL 2.1 will so implement it.

2. Design a way to include the information in the extension area
   pending the release of 2.1 and recommend that way as the
   approved interim solution.

3. Put this on the list of changes that people will have to make
   in upgrading to 2.1.

So the next step is for PSC to get to work on step 1.

Given the size of 2.0, I suspect we'll see a lot of requests for
added features as people begin to implement it.  Maybe we'd better
start planning on releasing 2.1 sooner rather than later (in the
second half of 2007, for example).


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