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Subject: Re: [ubl] Draft IDD 2.0 templates

Dear Jon Bosak,
Dear Roberto Cisternino of the ITLSC,

Thank you very much for your making and sending to us the IDD 2.0 templates.

1. My answer to your question
As you pointed out, I have proposed to add one column (No. (Number) column)
in the translation spreadsheet at the UBL TC Singapore meeting.
Because, I thought that the No. (Number) column will help us to manage the
spreadsheet in the printed spreadsheet.
All attendants of the meeting said that the No. column is unnecessary. Ken
Holman advised that if you need the No column, you can use Excel function.
We agreed that the No. column is unnecessary. I think the Conclusion in the
meeting is that No. column is unnecessary.

But, in my opinion, I like the spreadsheets that have No. column. Because
you made and sent the spreadsheets to us.

2. Additional comment about Common library
As you know, the contents of the Common library include common ABIEs,
Procurement ABIEs, and Transportation ABIEs.
I think that this information is very important regarding IDD spreadsheets
for users.
I propose to add "Context: Business Process" column in the Common library
In JPLSC situation, we will translate these many spreadsheets by 7 persons.
Because the UBL V2.0 spreadsheets are very huge. The number of BIEs in the
UBL V2.0 spreadsheets is about 2,000 (2 thousand).
The Persons in charge of translation of Common library is two persons. One
will translate Common ABIEs and Procurement BIEs. The other one will
translate the Transportation ABIEs. Therefore, JPLSC need the information of
"Context: Business Process".
If many UBL members will think that the Context: Business Process
information (additional column) is unnecessary, I will follows the opinion.
We will manage this issue by other methods.
For your information, I attached the translation table of our JPLSC. This
table indicates the business document, number of BIEs, and the person in
charge in Japanese language.

Best Regards,
Yukinori Saito (Vice Chair of UBL JPLSC)
Yukinori Saito
Fuji Electric Information Service Co., Ltd. (FIS)
e-mail: saito-yukinori@fujielectric.co.jp
Tel: +81-3-5435-7333     Fax: +81-3-5435-7513

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Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2006 2:43 AM
Subject: [ubl] Draft IDD 2.0 templates

Hello UBL TC (and especially the localization subcommittees),

Thanks to Roberto Cisternino of the ITLSC, we have a set of draft
spreadsheet templates for the UBL 2.0 International Data


The plan is for all the translations to use this set of templates
so that the final IDD can easily be assembled from the work of the
individual LSCs.

Note that there are actually two sets: one with a Column A that
numbers the info items independent of the row numbers (in the
directory withnum), and one without that column (in the directory
sansnum).  I asked Roberto to generate both versions so that we
would have both ready to go when we decide which to use.

I know that JPLSC requested the added number column, but I'm not
clear on the reasoning behind this; I can't think of any use for
the item number that couldn't equally well be met by a row number
without cluttering up the interface with an extra column.  Please
take a look at this and be ready to discuss in next week's TC
calls.  It would help to have either a brief statement of
rationale from JPLSC or their actual participation in next week's
Pacific TC call so that I can understand the reasons for having
the extra column.



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