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Subject: Proposed ubl-ssc additions for week of 5 February 2007

Hello UBL TC,

Here are the items we will be considering for addition to the UBL
Support Page in this week's TC meetings.

Note that we are still in the process of establishing proper
categories for such materials.  It is not clear to me whether
items 3 and 4 on this week's list should be categorized under
"Commercial Products and Services" or whether we need a new
category, something like "Free Products and Services with Ties to
Commercial Products and Services" so that "Commercial Products and
Services" can be reserved for things like listings of UBL
consultants and commercial products that have UBL support built

Item 3 also raises the question of whether we want to include UBL
1.0 support materials on the ubl-ssc page (a number of UBL 1.0
support items linked from the UBL TC page were not carried over to
the initial ubl-ssc installation).  We will discuss these issues
in this week's TC calls.

I'm getting to the proposed additions list early this week, but in
future, it will typically go out around the same time as the
Pacific TC call agenda.



1. "Practical Universal Business Language Deployment" book


Practical Universal Business Language Deployment overviews the
artefacts published in the Universal Business Language 2.0
specification, with details on schemes for deploying and utilizing
the artefacts to effect stated objectives. This book is an
electronic publication offering perpetual no-charge updates as the
content evolves based on deployment and community experiences.


2. "Practical Universal Business Language Deployment"
instructor-led hands-on training


This is a one-, two- or three-day configuration of instructor-led
hands-on training in the deployment and use of the Universal
Business Language 2.0 artefacts. It is derived from the book of
the same title and includes exercises that are not part of the




The OSS UBL API is an implementation of the OASIS Universal
Business Language (UBL), and can be used in conjunction with the
OSS XSD/C Tools or the OSS ASN.1/C Tools. The API parses,
serializes, creates, modifies, copies, and displays UBL documents
in binary or XML format. The UBL documents are internally
represented as C structures. The UBL Procurement process is fully
supported (concrete API functions are provided for business
transactions). UBL subsets are also supported, including UBL-SBS.A
library and a set of samples using that library are
available. Both static and dynamic versions of the UBL API
libraries are supported on UNIX and Windows.


4. Contivo Builder


Contivo Builder is a schema vocabulary development tool that
simplifies understanding and leveraging XML Schema
vocabularies. The vocabulary approach enables developers to access
the entire collection of schemas in UBL 2.0, readily reuse the
component definitions in new schemas and capture the relationships
between UBL and other schemas. Based on the Eclipse IDE, Builder
is available at no charge. A vocabulary encompassing the entire
UBL 2.0 schemas set is available for free download.

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