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Subject: New Zealand Education Sector adopts an adaptation of UBL NDR 2.0

Good morning, 

FYI: Last Friday, the New Zealand Education Sector ICT Steering Committee has accepted the recommendation that the education sector adaptation of the OASIS UBL NDR 2.0 (known as ESL NDR 2.0) be used for XML naming and design of XML schemas.

Naturally, we tried to keep adaptations to a minimum. However, some adaptations were required in the context of the non-UBL UML Education Sector data model, which drives the XML library and document Schema models. The use of a modelling tool provides the ability for automation, concurrent modelling, full traceability from UML to XML, model versioning, and NDR compliance checking.

Despite the adaptations, the resulting generated XML Schemas DO retain the UBL NDR look and feel.

I am pleased to announce this major milestone, and wish to express our gratitude to the TC for their outstanding work and helpful advice over the last 18 months.

We look forward to UBL NDR enhancements!

Kind regards
Juerg Tschumperlin
On behalf of New Zealand Education Sector

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