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Subject: Submissions for the Support Page

Hello UBL TC,

We are in receipt of the following proposed submissions for the
UBL Support Page:

   1. [2007.07.16] Crane Softwrights Ltd. UBL International Data
      Dictionary in genericode format

      This resource is a conversion of UBL 2.0 International Data
      Dictionary (IDD) spreadsheet files of various languages into
      OASIS genericode files. Each spreadsheet of each language's
      localization is converted to a genericode file. In addition,
      all of the languages are aggregated into a single genericode
      file for the localization information of each UBL 2.0
      document model. User interfaces for programs and other
      multilingual applications may find it helpful to have some
      or all of the UBL IDD localization information in a generic
      keyed-table XML vocabulary.


   2. Understanding the Universal Business Language (instructor
      led workshop). A one-day tutorial style workshop to gain an
      understanding of the UBL business library and its document


   3. Designing Business Documents with UBL (instructor led
      workshop). A one-day tutorial style workshop presenting an
      approach to the design and customization of UBL to satisfy
      specific requirements.


Since we are not meeting for a couple of weeks and these
submissions appear to be noncontroversial within the guidelines
we've set up, I'd like to get them moving via our usual one-week
consent vote.

If any voting member of the TC objects to the addition of these
items to the UBL Support Page, he or she should register that
objection by mail to this list no later than COB Tuesday 31 July
2007.  If you don't object, do nothing.


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