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Subject: DRAFT UBL Model Letter of Agreement (U.S.)

Hello UBL TC,

Here's something that's been in the works (very slowly!) for the
last year and a half -- a sort of template for agreements between
businesses to accept UBL documents as legal equivalents of their
paper versions.  It was drafted with the help of a committee of
the American Bar Association in a session led by Professor Jane
Winn of the University of Washington.

I think we originally had in mind advancing this to the status of
a Committee Specification, but as we're not legal experts, and the
document is explicitly intended only as a starting point for
laywers, I think we're better off just posting it alongside the EU
version under the heading "Model trading partner agreements" on
the UBL Support Page.

If anyone disagrees with this, please let us know.  If I don't
hear any objections by next week, I'll take the "DRAFT" heading
off and resubmit it to you for addition to the Support Page.

At this stage, I'm not even going to put this draft in the document
repository but rather just include it here as an attachment.  Note
that (as usual) you have to give the file a .zip extension before
trying to unpack it.



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