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Subject: Re: [ubl] Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 8 August 2007


| Just a clarification:  I expressed to Jon I was 
| having doubts only on the improvements introduced 
| in New York, while I am still quite confident in 
| the basic approach described in Montréal a year ago.

Thanks very much for the clarification!

| I'm anxious to talk with Mike and Betty on this 
| because the processing model I've proposed is 
| resilient to changes introduced in the 
| namespaces.  That is the whole point:  in a 
| heterogeneous network with different 
| implementation levels of UBL instances, the 
| introduction of a UBL instance of a higher 
| revision does *not* impact on any existing 
| implementations of lesser revisions.

Hm.  Betty won't be at the meeting in Stockholm, but Mike, Mavis,
and Ken will.  I'll add this to the list of agenda items for
Stockholm *unless* people would like to schedule a special con
call to discuss it.  If you'd like a con call, send me mail off
the list with times when you can be available over the next couple
of weeks.


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