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Subject: Fw: ACORD Naming and Design Rules

FYI.  (Not for action, just for information.)



Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 15:19:57 -0400
From: workinggroups@acord.org
Subject: ACORD Naming and Design Rules Candidate Recommendation
 Voting Ballot Available

Attention ACORD Members:

Please forward this communication to the interested parties within
your organization.

The ACORD Naming and Design Rules Candidate Recommendation voting
ballot and related materials are available for download per the
download instructions below.

The voting deadline is close of business day, Friday, December 7,

Other Key Dates to remember:
Dec. 14, 2007 Candidate Recommendation Published.

Please note:

 - The vote will be to move the working group draft to Candidate

 - Candidate Recommendation means the specification is not frozen
   but is in a state that allows implementation moving ahead.

 - Proofing will be by implementation, which means application of
   the NDR rules to future AML releases.

 - If something is found wrong or sub-optimal, adjustments can be
   done and reviewed by the working group and the membership
   before the specification becomes a standard.

Voting is open to ACORD members and/or Associate Members in good
standing with ACORD at the time of vote. There is one vote per
organization. If you have any questions concerning your membership
status, or would like to inquire about membership, please contact

We appreciate your support of ACORD and look forward to your
continued participation in the Standards process and their
implementation. Thank you.

Association for Cooperative Operations Research & Development

2 Blue Hill Plaza, 3rd floor
Pearl River, NY 10965, USA
+1 845-620-1700

Suite 1/3, London Underwriting Centre,
3 Minster Court,
Mincing Lane,
London, EC3R 7DD, UK.
+44 (0)20 7617 6400

Lloyd Chumbley
Assistant Vice-President, Standards
+1 719-264-9621

Serge Cayron
Technical Architect
+32 10 41 92 58


 - Access the following page:

 - Select the link titled "Cross Domain - ACORD Naming and Design
   Rules - Approval for Candidate Recommendation".

 - You will download a zip file containing the Voting Ballot and
   all related supporting documents. We recommend you select the
   "unzip to folders" option when unzipping the file to optimally
   organize the zip content.


The zip file contains multiple files whose names should be
self-explanatory. The voting ballot is presented as a Word
document. You are welcome to provide comments along with your vote
in the ballot.  If you decline, you must explain your reason for
doing so in the comment line; your reasons will be important
should the ballot result need to be reviewed by the Steering
Committee for a final decision. Once you have completed the Word
document, email it to ACORD by the stated deadline.

The ballot should be mailed to: workinggroups@acord.org

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