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Subject: Re: [ubl] Alternative Business Terms in ForwardingInstructions

here we have again names identifying different context but not a different document type, in fact both are defining a forwarding instruction to an international forwarder.  A distiction like those I copied below is today an error because international forwarders are organizing the whole shipment even door-2-door and using different carriers type (vessels, airplane, train) and they act as airfreight forwarders, shipping forwarders... but businesses are often the same.

Forwarding Instructions
A document initially introduced for container cargo delivery, but now in widespread use. It is normally a multi-page form, which allows copies to be issued to Container Depot Staff, Shipping Company Staff and the haulier. The document is used to advise the shipping company of the shipper's requirements for completing the B/L, and also acts as an Interim Receipt.


Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI)
This is a document provided by the exporter to the airfreight forwarder as an instruction for the completion of the Air Waybill. The SLI normally accompanies the goods to the forwarder's premises and should show the ECN if required. Failure to do so may result in the consignment missing the booked flight.

My note:
An international forwarding service can be asked to organize shipment and start required transport contracts with carriers, but always from a Shipper.
Who act as Shipper is not important.

The ID should be an unique identifier and the name samples should be moved to Name.
Here these common names (mentioned on ID) do not identify strictly a different document type.

jon.bosak@sun.com ha scritto:
200802041853.m14IrM7o502856@jurassic-x4600.sfbay.sun.com" type="cite">
At item 6.20 in the Update Package work list, we have:

   6.20 ForwardingInstructions / ID (BBIE): In definition, remove
        second sentence; in Business Terms, add "shipping

The first part is easy enough, but where does the new Business
Term go?  Logically it would seem to belong in cell N6 along with 
"Freight Forwarding Instruction, Shippers Letter of Instruction",
but why are these Alternative Business Terms for ID?  Shouldn't
they be terms for the document itself (cell N2)?


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