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Subject: Default letter ballot: formation of Adoption SC

Hello UBL TC,

With regard to the following from the minutes of the January 2008
meeting in Manhattan:

| Adoption SC
|    OASIS has suggested the formation of a UBL focus area in the
|    OASIS domain at ubl.xml.org.  This would be implemented as a
|    wiki; see dita.xml.org for an example.  It would support file
|    sharing, news events, software downloads, etc.  The site would
|    both provide for a more interactive environment for the support
|    of UBL and a collaborative site through which organizations
|    implementing UBL could share experience in a more proactive way
|    than can be accomplished via the existing UBL Support Page.  As
|    with dita.xml.org, the site would be maintained by an editorial
|    committee.  OASIS has suggested that the most logical way to
|    form the editorial committee would be as an "Adoption
|    Subcommittee" of the UBL TC.
|    Advantages of this approach would include:
|     - Moving the current UBL Support Page to a more interactive
|       environment
|     - Differentiating the function of the TC in developing
|       standards from adoption and implementation activities
|     - Increasing visibility (these focus areas are promoted at
|       OASIS symposia)
|     - Maintaining TC ownership via the Adoption Subcommittee
|    OASIS requires at least one site sponsor; TM's new company,
|    Document Engineering Services Ltd., has been accepted as the
|    first sponsor.
|    AGREED to the following plan for approval by the TC via letter
|    ballot:
|    1. We accept the offer to create the ubl.xml.org site.
|    2. We accept the suggestion from OASIS to form a UBL Adoption
|       Subcommittee as the ubl.xml.org editorial board.
|    3. We request the formation of the new Adoption Subcommittee,
|       keeping the existing SSC (Support Page) live during the
|       transition and eventually redirecting from there to the new
|       ASC.
|    4. We appoint G. Ken Holman as both head of the editorial board
|       and chair of the ASC, and we appoint the following UBL TC
|       members to consitute the editorial board and the membership
|       of the ASC:
|       Oriol Bausa
|       Mikkel Brun
|       Roberto Cisternino
|       Tony Coates
|       Asuman Dogac
|       Martin Forsberg
|       Mike Grimley
|       Tim McGrath
|    ACTION: JB to send default letter ballot to the TC.

This default letter ballot is to confirm the decisions made
above.  If you agree with the proposal, do nothing.  If you
disagree, so signify by mail to this list no later than COB
Tuesday 26 February 2008.

Jon Bosak

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