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Subject: Revised UBL 2.0 Update Package

Hello UBL TC,

Following public review of the UBL 2.0 Update Package (AKA UBL 2.0
Errata 01), I have revised the package in light of comments
received as shown:

- Changed UBL-CommonLibrary-2.0.ods and
  UBL-CommonAggregateComponents-2.0.xsd as shown in the following
  addition to the change log:

  8.01 In UBL-CommonLibrary-2.0.ods, DEN Supplier Party. Data
       Sending Capability. Text, removed text "The customer's
       internal identifier for the supplier." under Examples (cell

       In UBL-CommonAggregateComponents-2.0.xsd, removed element

 - Changed the text of 6.36 in the change log to read "Q121"
   instead of "Q421" per

 - Corrected typos and URLs in the text of os-UBL-2.0-update.pdf per

- Changed references beginning "prd-" in os-UBL-2.0-update.pdf to "os-"

The revised package has been uploaded to


Please send any editorial (nonsubstantive) comments directly to me
rather than the comments list.

If no comments are received from the other editors by Wednesday's
Atlantic TC call, I will submit this to you for a final formal


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