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Subject: Re: [ubl] Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 28 May 2008

>    PB: Financial group in DK interested in participating.  We keep
>    running into concerns that UBL is developing new financial
>    document types in competition with existing standards.
>    JB: We have stated very clearly and publicly that this is not
>    our intention and that the purpose of the group is simply to
>    ensure that UBL documents contain the information needed to
>    support standards like ISO 20022.  Is there anything we can do
>    to make this clearer?
>    PB/TonyC: No, this is an educational issue.

I suggest to slightly change the objective of this task group to
specifically support the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area)

There are some benefits:
1) To keep UBL in line with one of the main EU objectives
2) We will support ISO20022 (UNIFI) in any case as recommended by SEPA
3) We could then mention that UBL is facilitating SEPA

* UBL Italian Localization SubCommittee (ITLSC), co-Chair
* UBL Online Community editorial board member (ubl.xml.org)
* Italian UBL Advisor
* OASIS NEWS italian translator

  Roberto Cisternino

  mobile: +39 328 2148123
  skype:  roberto.cisternino.ubl-itlsc

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