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Subject: UBL Plenary meeting, Rome 20-24 April 2009.

The next UBL Plenary meeting will be in Rome from April 20 until April 
24 2009. 

This will be co-located with the UN/CEFACT Forum at "Aurelia Convention 
Centre & Expo Grand Hotel Palazzo Carpegna" - Via Aurelia, 481 - 00165 
Roma. Details of the venue and other logistics are available at: 

Note that attendees will be required to also register as UN/CEFACT 
delegates.  Because of IPR and diplomatic requirements this is a fairly 
formal process, outlined under "Forum Registration" on the site above. 
In your registration you should state that you will be representing the 
OASIS Universal Business Language Technical Committee. You should also 
nominate a working group to attend (but this does not restrict your 
activities during the week).  If you have not done so previously you 
will also need to be nominated by your country's Head of Delegation.  
You can get their contact details by emailing 
<mailto:forum.forum.registration@unece.org>.  You should explain to them 
that you are attending to participate in joint meetings with UN/CEFACT 
groups and the UBL TC.  Registrations are required by April 3rd.

For the UBL Plenary, we are gathering agenda items and any suggestions 
are welcome.  So far we have:

Procurement Subcommittee:
* Collate Task group issues
Sales Reporting (ENEA)
Utility Statement (Dansk Standards)
eTendering (Spain)
* Update Issues list

Transportation Subcommittee:
* Disposition of Issues

International Data Dictionary:
* Determine readiness to publish

* Joint meetings with various working groups
* Submission to TBG17

fn:Tim McGrath
org:Document Engineering Services Ltd.
title:Managing Director
tel;work:+61 893352228
tel;cell:+61 438 352228

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