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Subject: Miscellaneous documentation questions for PRD2

I'm sure there will be more of these as I get into the revisions for
PRD2, but here are some questions to start with.

1. In PRD2, we said we were going to add two new information items:

    <member>AllowanceCharge within ItemLocationQuantity</member>
    <member>VersionID in DocumentReference</member>

    Did we do that?  Which other information items did we add in PRD2?

2. In PRD3, we expect to be adding two more document types,
    GoodsItemItinerary and TransportServiceDescription.  What new
    information items do we expect to add in PRD3?

3. From PRD2:

    Other changes expected in PRD2

       Addition of document-wide signature elements to the five document
       types that currently lack them: (CallForTenders, CatalogueRequest,
       ContractAwardNotice, ContractNotice, PriorInformationNotice)

    Did we do this?


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